Why AiT?

The Amsterdam Institute of Technology (AiT) intends to train as many candidates as possible to bridge this digital skills gap. AiT aims to equip learners with relevant expertise for different ICT roles while also maintaining necessary levels of competences among existing ICT practitioners.

What makes AiT the ideal solution to Europe’s digital crisis? For one, it offers lifelong learning opportunities to people and companies across the region. This continued education makes sure that learners keep up with the rapid changes in technology, thus ensuring sustained productivity over time.

Two, AiT enables firms and individuals alike to invest in their future. Just as workers contribute to their pensions, it is wise to gain useful digital skills for the days to come. And with AiT, learners access professional development programs that keep them from losing jobs in the future due to inadequate technological skills or lack of them.

What is AiT?

AiT is a new generation system integrator that provides the technological capability for companies seeking digital transformation and innovation. Studies have shown that 9/10 jobs will require digital skills in the coming days. As such, AiT intends to provide a direct way of addressing the worrying digital skills gap across Europe by providing companies with professionals in various ICT positions.

AiT works with innovative training providers who are committed to offering essential and well-timed technological knowledge. The aim is to upskill as many workers as possible over time before it is too late.

How Does AiT Add Value?

AiT will help in making Europe a competitive digital economy in the following ways:
Outsourced Innovation Labs
Outsourced Innovation Labs

AiT’s innovation labs offer quick solutions that ensure ICT firms scale up to match their competitors, and better yet, gain an edge over them. There is no need for companies to waste time and spend much on hiring new staff; AiT provides all the necessary digital skills fast and at affordable prices!

Innovation labs at AiT are excellent for building, testing, and making necessary budget adjustments that enable companies to realize ICT solutions. They eliminate the burdensome and hierarchical process of technological transformation, thus freeing up staff members to focus on other things. All the while, AiT’s innovation labs will be providing the much-needed research and development that gives companies a sustained advantage over its competitors.

Results Based Consulting (Resulting)
Results Based Consulting (Resulting)

AiT provides ICT consulting to assist companies in Europe to operate effectively in the digital economy. With AiT, firms can be sure of tailored consultations that address the specific technical skills shortages within them. AiT offers a comprehensive 8-part consultation process during the project to ensure excellent results are attained upon completion.


Companies in Europe with a talent shortage can leverage AiT’s job-ready workforce to respond to an array of ICT issues. Based on a firm’s needs, AiT provides ICT experts for hire, traineeships, and apprenticeships all over Europe.

AiT works like companies such as Andela. However, in this case, it identifies and trains technology specialists who go on to work for various companies across Europe. AiT intends to ensure that there is always enough digital expertise in the region, thus letting companies compete favorably with others across the globe.

The Dream for AiT

AiT runs on the premise of providing quality ICT solutions to companies experiencing a shortage in that department. AiT intends to keep cooperating with visionary companies by providing them with expertise and innovations that keep them competitive in the ever-changing digital-based economy.

There is no telling what the future holds, but in spite of that, the AiT team dreams of international expansion. It is the hope of the entire team that AiT will grow to provide necessary talent that helps in bridging the digital skills gap for companies across the planet.